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Sonya P.


"Daniel is very communicative and reliable when it comes to scheduling and keeping lesson appointments.

He comes to the lesson full of enthusiasm and with thoughtful and practical guidance to meet my goals with guitar. Lessons are super fun and valuable!

Monique B.


"Daniel is great! Very responsive and focused on how and what you want to learn. Just had my first lesson, it was fun and challenging. Can't wait for next week!

Arthur C.


"I worked with Daniel for a few months taking some guitar lessons. One of the things I liked most about working with him was that he was able to specifically focus on the things I wanted to improve as a player. He didn't make me learn anything redundant or unnecessary. He also has a great ear, I loved being able to play him a song and have him not only replicate it perfectly, but also show me how to play it note for note. Daniel helped me transition from a beginner/intermediate player to the next step in a matter of weeks. His teaching style is simple, easy to understand, lighthearted, and very professional. He is also affordable for the amount of knowledge he's willing to share with you, and he even makes a video lesson recapping everything you learned for no additional cost so you can practice at home. I'd definitely recommend Daniel not only to beginners but also to players looking to get to the next level in their playing. Try him out, I promise you won't regret it."

Bob D.

"First meeting was full of new avenues to explore".

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